This site will specifically deal with my ancestors back to our immigrant ancestor Willem Lubbertsen van Westervelt who came on the ship the "Hoop" in 1662 from Meppel, Holland to Amsterdam (now New York).  William Lewis came over from Wales in 1632 on the ship the "Lion" to Boston.   Dorothy Lewis married Abraham Williamson in Dutchess County, New York State in 1760.  A son of Abraham's was John Lewis Williamson who had a son Zenus Murray Williamson who was born in 1800 in Vermont and died in 1881 in Brooklin, Ontario. From there, 2 grandsons' of Zenus, - Anthony and Zenus married two Graham sisters and settled up in Roland, Manitoba in the early 1800's and eventually ended up in Vancouver in the early 1900's. 

DNA has been completed.  The DNA testing was completed by Family Tree DNA https://www.familytreedna.com/
The result on the Y-side - (Male side) yielded a result that we had a "genetic distance of 3" from a fellow with the last name of "Westerfield" whose immigrant ancestor was " Lubbert van Westervelt, b. ca. 1620, Meppel, NL (Netherlands)" . Lubbert is a brother to our immigrant ancestor and they came over in the same ship.  In other words, my ninth Great Grandfather (father of Lubbert and Willem) is also his ninth or tenth Great Grandfather.  DNA confirms the Dutch heritage for our Williamson Ancestry.

The searching has been a BLAST and frustrating at times, but the meeting of so many WONDERFUL cousins has made it worthwhile. When you are peering into the past from the present - you do not see clearly , so I would like to add a disclaimer - that all the information presented here, might not be entirely accurate and if you notice an inaccuracy, please bring it to my attention. And if there are some more details, eg. family members that you would like to see added, please e-mail me.
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Letter from Brooklin, Ontario to Anthony Williamson - 1879
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Short Obituary - Edward Kenneth Williamson
Biography of Francis Moffat nee Williamson (Aunt Frankie)

         Our friend and relative - Chuck Lewis (7th cousin) has done extensive research on our lines - Lewis and Williamson.  He has produced 2 books - THE LINE OF ABRAHAM WILLIAMSON A Supplement to John Lewis of Berkshire, VT And Other Descendants of William Lewis (Who Came to Boston on the Ship, The Lion, in 1632) Through His Grandson James Lewis of Jamaica, LI