This presents the information on the LOWES side of the family. A family with rich Methodist ties back to John Wesley's times and the Palatines. The Lowes, Millers, St. John's and Switzers were all part of the Palatines that were settled in Ireland by good Queen Anne. In 1999 there was a Miller Reunion celebrating 150 years on the Miller farm in Brock Township. Cousin Betty Anne Andre and Aunt Frankie Moffat were able to attend and were greatly blessed. Betty Anne found out she has "family" (Rusty Miller) living in her town of Abbotsford that she was unaware of and is now good friends with. For Christmas they blessed me with a copy of a book " Descendants of John Miller and Mary Ann St. John". This book is a blessing. Some of the exerpts on this web page are from this book. The other book that has contributed greatly to my understanding of our incredible family is
" The Romance of the Miller Palatines" By Rev. W. Bowman Tucker.
Joseph Lowes married Eliza Ann Miller daughter of John Miller and Mary Ann St. John. John Miller was born in Limerick, Ireland. The Millers and others were part of the Palatine exodus from the Palatinate region of Germany along the Rhine River. They were staunch Protestants. John came to Canada in 1842 at the age of 22 on board the ship the "Jane Black" which ran aground 250 miles short of the port of Quebec city in the St. Lawerence River. All passengers were saved but lost their possessions. The only thing John saved was the bayonet from his father's military rifle (The bayonet is still a prized possession of Ken Miller, great-grandson of John). He eventually arrived in Brock Township where many other Palatines resided.
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John Lowes Letter back home after the sinking of the "Jane Black"
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