What Bible are you Reading?

The experiences talked about in the ensuing paragraphs are events that have happened to my wife and myself as we have travelled with our Lord Jesus. The purpose of these words is not to influence or change your thinking, but to make others aware of what He has done in our lives. I am sure you have many similar stories, if they were to be written down.

Many years ago, the Lord came very close to me and asked me some pointed questions. I was being still and reading the Bible. He asked, “What Bible are you reading?” I thought that is easy to answer and with assurance, I stated, “You know, your version, King James”. Again He calmly asked, “What Bible are you reading?” Again, I said; “Your version - King James”. And again, he asked, “What Bible are you reading?” This time I realized that I wasn’t so smart after all, - and answered, - “I don’t know, what version am I reading?” He answered, “you’re reading the Pentecostal Bible!” (Note: all of these conversations took place in my head.) My next thoughts were of surprise and lack of understanding. He then explained, that when I came across a verse, - that I did not read the words on the page, but rather the interpretation of the verse. What I had been taught in the past that the verse meant is what I heard in my mind when I read the verse. My mind was not reading the words, but rather was listening to my thoughts that were recounting previous teaching about the verse. I listened and had to agree. He said Pentecostal Bible because my upbringing in the Lord had been by people of the Pentecostal faith. I then agreed with Him that I had been reading what I had been taught and not what the words actually stated. He then said (or put thoughts into my mind). “ I want you to throw out your Pentecostal Bible.” I agreed, He then said - “ I will begin to teach you anew, and by the way - you know nothing about end-times!”

Over the next couple of years, He started to have me use a “New International Version”. I do not think there is anything special about any of the versions. It is the Spirit, breathing Life into the words that feeds us and that it can happen in any of the versions. It is important we use the version that He wants us to. By reading out of the New International Version, I found it easier to not listen to  the interperation in my mind and more able to read the actual words on the page.