I am not sure how to write this, so I will just start.
I have this concept going through my head that I will try to explain. This centers on the judgment of Jesus. The idea going through my head is that we will judged by our actions as far as love is concerned. Have we acted out of love? Have our daily actions been done out of a heart of love. The idea I have is that we will stand before Jesus and the rest of heaven and that an action that we have done will be played out for all to see. Then, our heart motive will be made known to all and we will be examined to see if we have acted out of love or out of self. The picture that I see for myself is that the times when I've come across a situation and there is someone who needs a little bit extra of my time and attention. In many cases I tell myself that I am too busy to stop and deal with this person's problem at this time and I go about my business. I justify my actions to myself by telling myself that I have important things that must be done and that I can't afford to stop and find out more. There are other times and there are not as many as I would like to see that I stop and give attention to the person's problem. Most of the time, I find that the problem is actually minor and doesn't take as much time as I originally thought. When I stop and take the time, I come away with that good feeling of having done something right.
Somehow in these types of examples the Lord is telling me that this is how my judgement will work. That my actions or non-actions and motives will be made available for all to see and I will be made aware of the reason that I acted as I did - Did I act out of love for others or love for myself?
I see that all will be subjected to this form of judgement. That nothing will be hidden, but will be made known to all. That there will be no secrets. That we will be inside out. That all will be known. I see this as being good, very good! This concept has made me be a little more sensitive with what is going on around me. I am not paranoid about missing it, just more sensitive to the nudges of the Holy Spirit. I have been trying to work through how this judgement will work, in that there are so many needs all around us. I tend to think that even if we act out of love for all the needs that we see around us, even though it is not the Lord's will for us to meet these needs that we are better off then if we waited around for the Lord to direct us to meet these needs. But, better yet I feel the best way is that we in a practical way hear the voice of our Lord and do His will. I know many say they do not hear the voice of the Lord, but I am convinced that through His Holy Spirit that He is speaking to every man and that many of us have just tuned Him out, or are not able to differentiate between our spirit, the enemy's spirits and the Holy Spirit. But I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is speaking to every man the Words of Wisdom that we need for each day.
I want to relate an incident that took place in my early walk with Jesus. I had trouble with a sexual sin that I did not seem to be able to shake. I tried and tried and purposed in my heart to quit indulging in this sin, but alas I kept coming back to doing it. I used to get angry with myself and even upset with Jesus for not keeping me from falling. One time, actually it was the last time that I indulged that I had a little picture of what was really going on. I was involved in my secret sin, when all of a sudden the spiritual curtain that separates the earthly from looking into the spiritual was ripped back. I saw many of the saints and found out they were all watching me participating in my "secret" sin. I had the realization that this was the great cloud of witnesses and that they were witnessing my secret sin. I became very ashamed and quit what I was doing. Even today when temptation strikes in regards to other problem areas in my life, I remember that there are no secrets and that the great cloud of witnesses is witnessing my actions. - There are no secrets. What is hidden will be shouted from the housetops. If we only knew what was to happen in the future accounting, how different we would act. I have become sensitized to my thoughts about other people. I have the sense that even the thoughts that I think about others will eventually be broadcast for all to hear including the recipient.
I know that this type of judgement is different that what we have taught; yet it rings true in my spirit. I am not frightened by this judgement; I have expectancy for it. I somehow see it as very purifying and very good. It will be good for us. It will help us to become more like Jesus.
There is an individual who comes to mind who him and I have an unresolved conflict. There have been attempts made to bring us to reconciliation, but to no avail. I know in my spirit that this conflict will be resolved. I am not sure if it will happen down here on earth, or in the Lord's presence with the great cloud of witnesses. I do want this issue resolved and I will probably try again. It is in love to resolve these issues and Jesus said that they will know that we are His disciples because of the love we have for one another. He does want us to act out of love.
I do not believe that there will not be one unresolved issue among His people that will not be resolved. There will be a free flow of His bountiful love between His people. I feel Jesus wants us to let His love to flow even now to those around us. I sense that the amount that we have held back His love flowing through us to those round about us will be our judgement. Our loved ones, the ones closest to us. They are the ones who we have the most opportunity to allow His love to flow through us to them. It is the times that we hold back His love to our loved ones that will be brought to mind in His presence and will cause us to fall at His feet and beg for forgiveness. He wants to work in us now, and to change us NOW so that His love can freely flow through us NOW!
I have oftened wondered how the fiery judgement talked about in Corinthians will be made to happen. I complained to the Lord that I would not have works for His fire to blow on, because I was not "doing anything for Him". He then brought to mind that when I was following the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit during my normal day, that I was actually putting up treasures for myself in heaven. He brought to mind that He would bring enough incidents into my life where I would have to choose to follow my way or to follow His way of love, that there would be lots of opportunity for judgement in my life.
An important concept to bring out here is the concept of agape love versus self-love.