A while ago, I had an experience with the Lord Jesus Christ that I would like to share.  As I was waiting on the Lord in prayer, I was part of a scene that I will describe. 
I was with the Lord's army travelling across the sky headed for earth.  We were all riding on beautiful white horses flying towards the Lord's enemies to do battle.  As I took in the scene I realized I was in the front line of the Lord's army.  I took in the view and felt honoured that I was allowed to be at the front and could see the vistas of the earth beneath and that I would be one of the first to join in this great battle.  As my eyes moved to the left, I realized that I was riding beside Jesus.  He smiled at me and I felt so loved and understood.  I was overwhelmed that I was at His right hand as He rode into battle.  I felt so loved and honoured.  I was shocked that I was beside Him, and in my mind questioned why I was allowed to ride beside Him.  He just loved me in return and let me know that it was right that I was beside Him.  I felt humbled and greatly loved.  I savoured the moment and it was one of the greatest feelings I have ever had - to be riding on a white horse with Jesus heading into battle.  After a bit, I wondered about the others who were riding with us and I felt a little sad that I was at the front with Jesus and that others were not.  I was thinking that maybe I should rotate my place with others to share the joy of riding beside Jesus with my brothers and sisters.  I felt Him whisper that it was OK and that I should look around.  As I looked back, I saw the most incredible picture.  I saw the rest of the army, and as I looked at each one, I noted that they were all looking to the person on their left.  On their left was Jesus, riding beside them.  As I looked closer, I realized that from each person's perspective, they were riding beside Jesus and they saw that they were at the front of the army riding on His right side.  The same picture that I had at the first, where I saw myself at the front of the army and at His right hand was the same vision that everyone else had.  We all thought we were riding at the front of the army beside Jesus.  For every one, Jesus was beside them; having intimate fellowship with each one at the same time.  My love and awe for Jesus soared.

It is just like Him to be able to make each of us feel the most loved at the same time.  He is the Head and we are the body.  Does any part of the body feel neglected by the head? - or less loved by the head? - no.  It is the same with Jesus, our Head.  He is able to make us each feel intimately loved all at the same time.  It is something very hard for the finite mind to wrap around, but it is possible with the God.